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Gatlinburg CabinSmoky Mountain cabin

Home Inspections and the importance of viewing your Smoky Mountain cabin For Sale

The photo on the left is the actual condition of the homes for sale Gatlinburg TN however the one on the right was posted in the MLS for the Gatlinburg log cabin for sale in TN.

Log cabins for sale in TN are in many cases exempt for the seller disclosing any thing because they are not owner occupied.   However, homes for sale Gatlinburg TN and homes for sale Pigeon Forge TN are not exempt if the owner has spent the night in the house in the past three years, generally speaking.  The first issue is some sellers are claiming exempt when in fact the Gatlinburg house was not exempt.  This is done to avoid disclosing major issues that deter a buyer or lower the value.   

Today's real estate market is very fast paced and many homes for sale Sevierville Tn do not stay listed as active in MLS for 48 hours.  A single cabin for sale Gatlinburg TN may receive forty offers.  As a result of the fast pace of the sales many agents are writing purchase and sale offers on Smoky Mountains cabins for sale withoutseeing the cabin and are relying on the description, disclosures and photographs.  To make the offer more attractive to the seller they are waiving the inspection contingency of cabins for sale in the smoky mountains.  Both of these conditions can cause the buyer to purchase a Gatlinburg cabin for sale that was overpriced or should simply never been purchased for any amount.  Purchasing  Cabins for sale smoky mountains is a big investment and needs to be carefully evaluated.  The list below are of items that actually occurred in cabins for sale in the smoky mountains.  None of them were disclosed.   Some were exempt and the real estate agent or  home inspector would be need to catch them.  Others were not exempt but the seller decided to omit the information on the Sevierville house for sale. Either the real estate agent or home inspector would be needed to catch this.

No heating or air conditioning system
No water 
No Septic System
Septic system approved for only 1 bedroom
Shared driveway
Shared well
Water pressure very low  
Painted over mold and mildew instead of treatment
Carpenter bee damage
Foundation damage
Fire damage
No parking area
Mobile home not detitled  
No yard
Kitchen cabinets not attached to house 
Photographs photoshopped

Two home inspectors Pigeon Forge cabin sales are Thomas Jarratt and Accu Spec

Contact me when you are ready to purchase a Gatlinburg cabin for sale.   I make it a point to view each log cabin for sale and Sevierville home for sale.  I am not a home inspector but I can point out what I see in the way of damage to the cabins for sale Gatlinburg Tn



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