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Common concerns for NOT buying a Log Cabin for sale in TN 

These are some of the more common fallacies people have incorrectly about buying a homes for sale  in Pigeon Forge TN and Sevierville TN homes for sale.  The Great Smoky Mountains has been ranked by Forbes Magazine repeatedly as a top location to own a vacation rental. Please read the article in Forbes.   

                                               Concern One 
Visitors to the Gatlinburg are going down.  This is very incorrect.   These two graphs concerning victors to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park show a positive growth in visitors, people love Great Smoky Mountain Real Estate. 

   Gatlinburg Visitors

                                                                   Gatlinburg Ranks first

Please see also concern four below. 

                                                       Concern Two
People are concerned about charging the proper rate for their Gatlinburg cabin.  
Modern technology has come to the rescue.   There are several software cabin management programs that will help you maximize rental income of your Smoky Mountain Log Cabin.  Two of the more popular ones are Guesty  and AIRBNB Airnb Specialist provides a link to several application.  

                                                   Concern Three
Another concern is damage.   Deposits from renters will take of most damage by renters for larger damage caused by natural disasters commercial insurance  is available from several firms including  BOA, Burchfiel Overbay & Associates.  This is the link to BOA Insurance.

                                                   Concern Four
Perhaps the strongest concern is paying the right price for you Log cabin for sale in Tennessee.   The price of cabins has steadily gone up.   The newer cabins have required more foundation work which raises the price for not only those cabins but other cabins as well.    Visitors to the the park since 2011 have shown a 57% increase per the National Park Service.   Please review their article here  Gatlinburg Visitors  Redfin has an entire article about rising values of Gatlinburg Cabins. This is the link Redfin House Report    Below is the Median Sales Price Graph.   Note the steady upward trend. 

Graph of the median sale price in Gatlinburg, TN



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