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Buying Your Smoky Mountain Cabin

Financing Your Gatlinburg Cabin

Loans under $648,200 follow more traditional guidelines. Loans over that are jumbo loans.  Most Gatlinburg cabins three bedrooms or larger are over $648,200.   Below are several articles about financing vacation properties.  To get the best rates and terms you will need a credit score over 700. There are national lenders who do vacation property loans however I have found local lenders offer products that are better suited for my clients.   The link below are articles about financing vacation in general. 
The Mortgage Experts
  Bigger Pockets

Buying  the right cabin for sale in Gatlinburg can be stressful. But financing it whether it's cabin for sale Smoky Mountains, cabin sale Pigeon Forge or a Log cabin for sale in Gatlinburg can be frustrating.  Some lenders simply don't understand the concept of the cabin for sale Gatlinburg. I have listed below five lenders.  Any of these will help make your buying a  Gatlinburg cabin for sale or a house for sale in Pigeon Forge simpler.  The link takes you to the down payment table; Financing Your Smoky Mountain Cabin

The links below are for three local lenders.
Bank of England Mortgage Debbie Scaratino Manager
Loans up to $1,500,000 
(865) 429 - 2797
Bank of England Jumbo

Supreme Lending   Elizabeth Gibson
Loans up to $2,500,000
(423) 312 - 6471
Supreme Lending

Tami Goodman Revolution Mortgage 
Cabin Construction Loans 
DSCR Loan existing cabin in TN
(614) 824- 0340 
Tami Goodman Revolution

DSCR New Construction Loan
This is a new loan program.   Perfect to build you Smoky Mountain investment property from scratch. Loan based on cash 
flow and completed value.   DSCR Loans  

Debbie Love - Guaranteed Rate 
Available Weekends and Evenings  

Loans up to $3,500,000

Several different programs  with FICO scores 
as low as 640   
(865) 599 7679

Closing on Your Smoky Mountain Cabin Purchase

There are many different title companies  in the Great Smoky Mountain Mountains. We have had closing with almost every one. When you buy your Smoky Mountains cabin for sale you as the buyer typically pick the title company.    Our suggested two based on price, level of communication, timeliness,  research of of complex title issues and treating buyers and sellers fairly are Professional Title and Heritage title.   Both offer in person and remote closing.   Clink on the link to go to their respective websites. 

Professional Title (865) 366 - 5263

Heritage Title (865) 453 -9550 

This link will take you the page on Heritage Title that discusses the closing steps of your cabin for sale in TN Closing Steps

This link to Heritage Title will help you estimate the closing costs if you use them.
They can help you close any type of Smoky Mountain real estate.  Closing Costs

Managing Your Gatlinburg Cabin

One of the most important decisions to make is how to manage your Gatlinburg Rental Cabin.   You can either do it your self via the airbnb method or use a Gatlinburg Cabin Co.   With airbnb and vrbo as well as other virtual rental companies you will end up with lower management fees but you can also end up with lower gross income as well less. Yo can get a software program ans use several of the virtual sites.   With the DIY method you are responsible for all repairs and cleaning.  With a  Gatlinburg Cabin Management they handle virtually everything.  Typical splits with a cabin company are 80/20 and some times you can get an 85/15 split however be careful some will only offer you 60/40. 
If you determine you want to go with the DIY method a very helpful tool is is a pricing revenue maximizing tool for your log cabin for sale in Tennessee. It is very helpful is maximizing your Smoky Mountain Log cabin.  

The Washington Post
Which is better vrbo or airbnb?

Two of the larger, better know and well respected  cabin companies are Venture Resorts  and Cabins USA.  They will take care of the guests, the cabin and the owner.   Below are the links to each one.   

Venture Resorts
Cabins USA

Star Chase Cabins  Star Chase is a   smoky mountain cabin management company that caught our attention. They will do projected rental rates and occupancy projections for free and typically the the same day. They provide personal attention.   This can certainly help in buying the best cash flowing Tennessee mountains cabins
Insuring Your Gatlinburg Cabin

No one enjoys buying insurance. You buy insurance for your Gatlinburg cabin to protect against damage, theft and liability. Hopefully, you never need to collect.   The policies are similar to some home owner policies  but more expensive.   Below are several links to articles about vacation rental and second home insurance.   I suggest you shop for coverage  rates and terms.  Most people buy coverage with $1,000,00 liability at a minimum however I suggest you discuss this with an insurance agent.      

Insurance Coverage
Link to Farmers i
More Information

Three of the local firms that offer Gatlinburg cabin insurance are Barnes Insurance,  Birchfiel Overby and Associates and Comparion Insurance Agency.  They will insure log cabins in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or Sevierville as well as homes in each area.   All have written thousands of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge cabin insurance policies.  I have links and telephone numbers for each.  Comparion Insurance Agency is owned by Liberty Mutual.
They quote using many firms and also give a huge discount through the National Association of Realtors.  Bradon Pierce will help you get full coverage on homes for sale Sevierville tn

Comparion Insurance Agency (423) 213 9482
Brandon  Pierce 
Comparion Insurance
This is a video Brandon and I did about cabin insurance. Getting Proper Insurance

Barnes Insurance   (865) 908 - 5000
Barnes Insurance

Birchfiel Overby and Associates (865) 453 - 4675
BOA Insurance



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