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Smoky Mountain and Gatlinburg Cabins With A  Pool


The above are photographs of an indoor swimming pool in a cabin.  Smoky Mountain Cabins with an indoor swimming pool are relatively new.   The first pool cabin I recall seeing was in 2017. These are one of the newest additions to Great Smoky Mountains Real Estate.      They are being built mainly in Pigeon Forge.  I have seen a tremendous demand to rent them. The internet has recorded thousands of searches for Gatlinburg cabins with pool and cabin in Pigeon Forge with pool.   Generally,  Pigeon Forge swimming pool cabins have three to five bedrooms.   They cost between $900,000 and $1,100,000.    They are financed as a jumbo loan.    We have several lenders that do swimming pool cabin loans.      Typically the loan requires a Fico score of 700 and the loan is based on the projected rental income.   Please see my page about Buying Your Cabin.     Many pool cabins are sold before construction especially cabin in Pigeon Forge with pool.  I have found very few lenders who will do pool cabin construction loans.  One lender is Brad Guinn with Gateway.  Click this Gateway First link to go to his website.    A new loan product is a construction DSCR Loan. The loan is based on rental and value projections.   We have one partner who does this.  Please click the link to the DSCR Loan page DSCR Loans 
The typical gross rental rates for swimming pool cabins is as follows:   
3 bedroom $399 to $739 per night
4 bedroom $499 to $959 per night
5 bedroom $509 to $1,159 per night.

The big attraction with swimming pool cabins is that always have an activity  regardless of the weather. For the cabin owner, the attraction is a cabin that stays rented virtually year round.   Typically a cabin company will negotiate  a Gatlinburg swimming pool cabin or  Pigeon Forge swimming Pool cabin an 85/15 split.     

These links are to the booking pages of pool cabins.    This will give you the opportunity to see them in "action" 
Cabins USA Pool Cabins

 Cabins For You Pool Cabins

Hearthside Pool Cabins



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