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             Buying Your Cabin

  • As an accredited buyer's agent in Gatlinburg Tn. I am your sales partner. I mainly help investors buy cabins.  I am mainly a luxury real estate agent Smoky Mountains.  I also hold the second home and resort certification as well as  Luxury Real Estate Certification. One mistake I have seen some buyer's do is use the listing to buy Gatlinburg cabins with pool inside.   This is one of worst mistakes possible.   The listing agent is representing the log cabin for sale in Tennessee not the buyer.  Their loyalty  and fiduciary duty is toward the seller.  Sometimes the listing agent does not even disclose the basic information about  homes for sale Sevierville Tn.  This also holds true on many for sale by owner properties (fsbo).

    Case Study

    Gatlinburg Cabin

    Ownby Hills    Gatlinburg TN   

    This cabin has has been misrepresented in three different transactions

    First sale    Seller did not disclose  the fact the sub surface waste system did not have a valid septic system permit.   One was issued after the fact .

    Second sale Seller said the property had a three bedroom septic permit. It had been given a two bedroom permit after the fact.  Also the seller said the property was exempt from disclosure to avoid telling what they knew about their house including extensive wind damage during the Gatlinburg fires, wood rot, roof damage, and water damage.   The seller also said it could be used as an overnight rental.  it could not be an overnight rental per zoning.

    Third sale This was immediately after the second sale.   This seller also claimed exempt to avoid disclosure of prior issues. (This was incorrect procedure to follow. As seller had lived in the property for about one month)   Shortly after this sale it was also learned that upstairs bathroom was not functional due to extremely low water pressure.  The new buyers were faced making repairs from each of the sales.    All total the last buyer had spend in excess of $25,000 for repairs that were not disclosed. The owners are happy with their house but probably paid $25,000 more than should have if they had been properly represented,,

    This shows why it so important to have a skilled buyers agent represent you.   If you use  the listing agent they  cannot normally represent you they  the seller.   They owe no loyalty to you.   I hold hold the Accredited Buyer's Representation Designation along with the Second home and Resort Certification.  This means I have taken extra classes to help insure my clients get proper representation.     Less than ten percent of Realtors hold the credentials. These are the steps I take with my buyer clients. These steps help protect the buyer of the log cabin for sale in tn. 

  • Suggest lender based on you needs
  • Suggest home inspectors
  • Discuss your Real Estate needs
  • Help you interview lenders
  • Search the MLS for properties meeting your needs 
  • Secure property tax card
  • Determine property zoning
  • Research dead and subdivision restrictions
  • Review rental history
  • Determine property Return on Investment
  • Request septic permit
  • Review septic permit
  • Preview property
  • Photograph property
  • COMPLETE PROPERTY CHECKLIST  This is very important  
  • Suggest best property  fit
  • Suggest offer price  This involves doing a mini market valuation
  • Suggest title agency
  • Suggest home insurance agent
  • Negotiate offer terms and price 
  • Contact lender when offer is bound
  • Engage home inspector
  • Review home inspection with buyer
  • Suggest repairs, upgrades and décor improvements
  • Negotiate with seller's agent repairs
  • Coordinate with appraiser
  • Review appraisal as needed
  • Coordinate with tile agency closing 
  • Assist buyer in engaging trade craftsman
  • Assist buyer with décor purchases
  • Suggest cabin management companies        

I simply refuse to submit an offer a property where I have not been able to preview the property.   This allows me to determine potential  structure and décor issues as well complete an accurate market valuation. Most importantly I cannot complete my checklist completely and accurately.   I am not a home inspector however I can on occasion see items on your Gatlinburg cabins for sale    that I consider noteworthy and warrant further  investigation by a professional.   My goal  is to work with you and help you make an informed decision about your Gatlinburg log cabin for sale or homes for sale Pigeon Forge Tn. 

Contact me Frank Brown Accredited  Buyer Agent to help you with your Smoky Mountain Cabin buying experience. 



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