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Reasons To Buy Log Cabin For Sale In TN


People buy cabins for sale Gatlinburg Tn for two reasons.

The first reason is enjoyment and 
convenience.  Many celebrities  own Gatlinburg cabins.   These include: Dolly Parton, Carl Ripken Jr, Katy Perry, Paula Deen, Carly Pierce and Rebecca Romjin.   According to Visit My Smokies   which is maintained by the city of Sevierville TN the Great Smoky Mountain Park is within one day's drive for over half the country.   Data shown below in these charts published by the Nation Park Service show Great Smoky Mountains National Park receives many times more than the Grand Cannon.  July is popular for Summer vacation and October for the spectacular Fall.

 Gatlinburg Visitors

Smoky Mountain visitors
In 2021 Great Smoky National Park set another record. By the end of December 2021 the total number of visitors
surpassed 13.3 million.   Please click Smokies Record Breaking Year to review the WJHL TV article. 

The second and very important reason reason to buy Gatlinburg Cabins for Sale is economic.


  • in 2019 ranked the Great Smoky Mountains as the 2nd best place to have overnight rental property 
  • There is an excellent article by Air BnB,   about investing in a Log cabin For Sale in the Smoky Mountains
  • Cash Flow actual Gatlinburg Cabin for Sale
        2 bed broom 2 bathroom Gatlinburg Falls
        Sales Price $625,000 March 2021
        2020 Gross rental receipts  $68,000 
        20% down payment 4% 30 year fixed loan 
        Principal and Interest monthly $2378

  •  Pigeon Forge cabins with swimming pools even do better
  • The IRS will allow you a treasure trove of deductions including a) interest
       b) taxes c) insurance d) depreciation of  Smoky Mountain cabin and furniture
       e) trips to check on your Gatlinburg  Tn cabin.   Please consult your tax advisor.

  • Long term appreciation.   A typical Smoky Mountain log cabin bought in 2011 at 
  • Gatlinburg Falls cost $225,000. That same cabin was sold in 2021 for $600,628.
    The interesting part was the seller of the Gatlinburg cabin had used under            $25,000 of his own money. The Great Smoky Mountain Real Estate covered the 
  • At some point when you are ready to upgrade your Gatlinburg Log cabin for a Pigeon Forge swimming pool cabin for example you can do a 1031 Tax Free Exchange my Gatlinburg Cabin.   This will let you defer the gain and get an even bigger cabin.  Please see the section on 1031 Like Kind Exchanges by clicking  on  1031 Exchange My Cabin
  • Entrepreneur Magazine in a recent article rated rental properties as one of best investments for return on investment.   This is link to the article Entrepreneur Magazine Article
  • recently ranked Sevierville TN as one of the 10 best locations to buy a vacation resort property.  This can be Sevierville TN homes for sale or  log cabins for sale in tn.   I personally prefer the log look but you can never go wrong wrong with any  Gatlinburg  house for sale or  homes for sale Sevierville.  This is the link to the article Sevierville
  • Gatlinburg was ranked Nationally as the 6th best small town in US . Please see the link  to this  article in WKRN Gatlinburg top town                                                            
  • Gatlinburg TN was named the #1 trending destination in US and # 5 world wide by  WVLT Trip Advisor Article                                                                                       
        In summary you can accumulate net worth and at the same time have tax                    deductions by owning Tennessee Log cabins.                                                                                                                                                                                           Feel free to contact me to help you find your perfect Gatlinburg Cabin For Sale For             You.



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