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Guide To Successful Smoky Mountain Cabin Buying

Gatlinburg Cabin
A well Maintained Gatlinburg Log Cabin  

Having a successful  Smoky Mountain Rental Cabin in either Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or Sevierville is not hard

 If you follow all the steps in the cabin buying section you will enjoy superior rental bookings.   Superior rental history means 1) higher value and 2) positive cash flow for you.   

1) Location does matter.   Cabins that are located within 10 minutes of Parkway rent better and have more return visitors.

2) Expect to pay more for a Gatlinburg TN cabin for sale than a similar cabin for sale Pigeon Forge 
2) Driveway needs to be paved.  No one like to drive on gravel or mud and get stuck.

3) Driveway needs to be flat. No one likes to worry if there  car is going to roll away,

4) Yard needs to have usable space for cooking out.

5) Driveway needs to have ample parking. 

6) Curb appeal matters.  There should be no rotted or damaged wood or places that need paint  or staining.

7)  Size Matters  Three or four bedrooms rent out the most.

8) Bathrooms are important.  Each bedroom should have a separate bathroom.  Ideally there is also a half bath.

9) Views are important.  Make sure you have a good mountain view.

10) Make sure all systems  hot tub,  heating/ air conditioning, television,  plumbing, appliances work.

11) Make sure the kitchen is fulling stocked with pots, pans, plates, and working appliances. 

12) Amenities matter inside and outside.  If your cabin is in a subdivision that has a full amenity package that is a plus.   Your cabin should have a hot tub, some board games, pool table  and  video games. 

13)  A clean cabin in good condition is important.  People do not want to worry about dirt, dirty laundry, or a broken rocking chair.   

14) Plan for off season vacancies.  Keep cash to cover the slower months.

15) Not all cabin companies  treat every cabin the same.   Splits with rental companies can vary.  Shop for the best deal. 

16) Cabins with pools in basement are currently super hot.  

17) Do a Spring and Winter super clean up   

18)  If some thing breaks have it repaired right then.

19) Quality matters.   Kitchen  do not have to have granite counter tops but don't use a low end material.  Furniture and linens  needs to be good durable quality. 
20) Decor does matter.  Smoky Mountain decor does best.  This is extremely important
and can add over $20,000 annually to Smoky Mountain cabin revenue.   Please see the page Gatlinburg Cabin Decor Does Matter For Buyers

21)  Treat you guests fairly

22) Recall people are renting your Smoky Mountain Vacation Home to have fun  



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